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If you want to do business with factories in China, Smart Products is the team to help you. We will get the best prices and the highest quality every time.

Smart Products is not just a buying agent but a complete end to end sourcing solution.

When searching for a supplier in China (and Asia as a whole) you will likely ask more questions than you can find the answer to.

After many hours of looking on Alibaba and Global Sources with 1000’s of products and factories on every search you will be faced to decide the following ;

Is the factory capable of achieving our required quality ?

Can the factory meet our lead time? When is their peak season for production?

Can we negotiate a smaller MOQ for my first order?Is this factory being honest?

Do they really make this product ? While the The sales team seems nice by email, but do they really understand our specification and what we need?

How big is the factory? Are they financially able to make my order ?

What quality inspection will they do before shipping and will it be accurate?

After you have gained some experience in this process you will find that many companies have a great web and online presence , but this is no guarantee about their ability to provide what you need.

The solution is simple. Speak to Smart Products,Our team will do all this for you. We review develop a shortlist of suitable factories , speak to them, visit them and make sure they are qualified, legally licensed factories. Our next step will be a proposal to you , our client. This will save you lots of time, money and headaches ! We will then follow from order to shipment , with QC to your requirements each and every time before shipment.

With the service of Smart Products, you are a step ahead of your competitors when sourcing from China.

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