What is a Quality Check?

Quite often,we say to clients, we do quality check all over Asia. But “What is a Quality Check?And what do we check?”

Quality Check can happens before, during and after production. Check or inspection is we send our engineer/Technician to measure,examine,test and gauge one or more characteristics of a product and comparing the results with specified requirements in order to establish whether conformity is achieved for each characteristic. (This definition comes from the ISO 2859 standard, which is derived from MIL-STD 105 E.) Or simply can be a pre-check list send by you. Our engineer will follow your list to check and record.

Well, some people will ask, the factory will do the check of course,so, why we need you?

Yes, nearly all the factories have their own quality control system. But:

Has the factory understood the technical files? Do they know what product the client wants?

Has the development team clearly communicated the requirements to the manufacturing team? Is the equipment for mass production similar to that used for making prototypes?

Is the factory’s check system integrity?

Is your order been sub-contract to other factory?

There are 3 most common types of quality check:

1,Pre-production inspection / factory audit.

we could make sure the check system is integrity, understand the specific requirements,components inspection.

2, During Production Inspection

This is a in-line inspection.Basically find the problems early. If the factory need to re-work,they can immediately take some corrective actions to avoid effecting the shipping schedule.

3, Final Random Inspection

This is the final step where the quantities can be counted,random samples can be picked out for test to reduce the defective risks.

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